Mark Curtin:

Despite the appearance of this photo Mark does not have a criminal record. Born in Boston, MA Mark proceeded to live a reasonably normal and happy childhood ( no psychiatrist bills here ) climbing trees, playing baseball, and harassing his sisters in a rural environment. Educated in a variety of public schools throughout the state, he graduated from the University of Massachusetts with a Bachelor of Arts degree and logically jumped into the restaurant business where he trained and worked at a variety of jobs from meat cutter to bartender to waiter to General Manager. His next career leap was as a stock handler operating heavy equipment in a hardware supply distribution warehouse. Due to a plant closing Mark returned to school and retrained as a graphic and web designer. Throughout this time he has been a professional draftsman and painter associated with regional galleries. Married too young, but happily, he has fathered four children ( all beautiful, bright, and talented of course ). Mark lives with his wife Stella and family in Chicopee, MA.


Graduated from University of Massachusetts with a BFA Sum Cum Laude ( latin for "damn fine work " ) Mark has, despite numerous distractions and directions maintained a consistant career as a professional artist. Winner of numerous awards his drawings and paintings can be seen in many private collections across the country from Washington state to Florida. He has displayed his work in several galleries and colleges, most notably the R.Michelson Galleries in Northampton and Amherst, Ma., where he has had a long standing connection. Referred to as an " artists' artist " he has earned a strong reputation regionally as an exceptional draftsman with a distinctive style.


Taught a few basics by a professional cartoonist as a kid Mark self taught and continued to hone his craft as evidenced by a trail of graffiti left on the margins of school notebooks, various documents, reading materials, tee shirts and stray unadorned surfaces he came across. Asked by any of his past cohorts they would probably reply " Oh yeah ... that's the cool guy that draws funny faces. " He has several freelance contracts to his credit.

Web Designer:

Due to circumstances beyond his control Mark returned to school and trained for a career change as a graphic and web designer (being totally unsuited for a future as a neurologist). His skill as an artist and cartoonist enables him to create highly original custom sites. His training has included such programs as PhotoShop, Illustrator, GoLive, Dreamweaver, LiveMotion, Flash, Fireworks, and Quark Xpress.